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Monday, October 13, 2003
The Cheat Paraide!!

See The cheat's paraide! I just love the way the cheat does his animation and things ^_^V he is so CUTE!

Also I have been blogging more on my devi art account than anywhere else so go there for the updates!! ^_^ Look here *

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Thursday, October 02, 2003
Lots o Crap

Lizzy was sick today :( and that's too bad because there was crap because of it, but to be sure the most tragic thing was she missed the yummy fudge promised as well. And I needed her to help me work up the confidence to cross the street to get caffene from the tiger cafe. Had a bad day. Evil math and there's a test tomorrow, Economy assignments and a current event, English essay that I want to be good but is turning out very un-skilled ((I want lizzy to proof read it for me!)) and latin was the usual. I have SO much stuff on monday though, Test in Latin, Essay final copy due for english, and a lot of things I have to work on untill then. Colleges suck, I am having the worst time ever trying to figure things out. I went to this college orientation thing and I pretty much found out that I suck and everyone else is better than me. Fun. +_X Maybe if I work hard in Junior college to keep my grades at the right gpa and do well on the SAT's that are also coming up ((Nov. 1)) then I will see what options I have, but I am SO ready for a break from school, and It dosn't look like I am going to get one for a very long time. new pic I am drawing/working on though ^_^ so that's ok but still, I'd better be off finishing off the rogh draft of that essay, I still have the math hw and economy current event.. *grrr* ttyl~~~Ari

I dowloaded a bunch of cool music from this site::

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Monday, September 29, 2003
^_^ Illigality!! I feel so scandalous lol

I got a ride home from Kane today, not even all the way but it was ILLIGAL K_K wow. lol SO unlike me. I'm "not even allowed to cross the street" as lizzy would put it ^_~ Anyways, I had to take an Economy test at lunch today so it felt like double potions. :P but oh well, I will survive. I miss Laura!! >_< she wasn't at school today cuz she got sick, lea was sick too. She's the reason (mostly) that I was ok with getting a ride home, I had to bring home her school books today. Another bad thing is that I forgott to bring my new candy to school today. the good thing is that I have candy! and it's from daddy (who came home from a week-long planned escapade in rino on his motorcycle, well more like a trip but It sounds cooler if you say escapades. :P but he got me CANDY! ~_~)) Another good thing Is I woar my new outfit to school today the bad thing is that now it's dirty and I kneeled in the grass in my black pants thinking it would be ok, but lo and behold there is some sort of stain on them, whatever. It sucks though. *meh!* Another thing that's not so good is that there is a new sb thing called puppet show I think?? puppet somethin-or-other but I can't see it on the poopy mac. ((sorry count rogan, you aren't poopy for reals I know, just evil sometimes *good girl *pat pat** But anyways, I did well on the economy test, one more question to finish up tomorrow but I think I will get it right because I will look over my test notes again tonight ^_^.. Charmed was so cool! I am not sure if Chris is entirely evil but I am pretty sure he is. LEO is back!! ~_~ piper.. *wimper* the poor thing, and I loved pheobe's new empath powers, the whole thing with jason was a little strange but I do like her new hair a lot now. Paige on the other hand rocks as always, I love how she started dating Oscar, he was SO hot. even if he did hump her leg when she was a dog. Her voice used to annoy me but now I don't know. O_o it's kind of cute actually. Off to do evil hw and check on my pets. ^_^


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the repitition is getting old

Why does History Always Repeat it'self??? I mean I have NEVER once believed in that statement universally but... Eaaahfhfg!! -_-'

Anyways I had better start posting more random things to get all those annoying quiz images off the top of the front page. My checklist was going rather well before I didn't check things off. O_O and now. I forgott to go to the bank, my sister and best friend are not going to school today, I can't watch the new puppets thing on sb, didn't bring my stuff home let alone do the math this weekend, didn't wash my pe cloths, didn't eat my breakfast that is getting cold in the microwave. and now I must remidy these things before school. THANK GOD for late start!! ^_^ the only thing I can't really do is make my sister not sick and Laura not feel yucky enough to stay home. Oh well guess this means I am walking home with my full backpack and lea's makeup books for school ~_~ lovely. (((in red-and-white annual convention voice))) Alrighty then, I'm off.


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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Which Middle Earth race are you? go to:the quiz!

I'm a Lion!

For you, simplicity is the name of the game -

even your fur is uncomplicated. You're always looking for

an opportunity to relax, and you shy away from anything

that seems to be more than you can handle. Still, you can

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Ripping Apart At The Seams

What Random Object From Ydoc Nameloc's Room Are You?


What fuzzy creature are you?

Which One of Ydoc Nameloc's Friends Are You?

for that last quiz. really I am not Grim Jim it's just the result I got, he sounds like me though, only male of course lol. "GrimJim...well...what to say...hmmm. Well he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, but his goofyness and his mildly dark demeanor combined with his size scares most people. He likes skulls, and creepy things, but he also likes things that are overly cute. He is pretty much accepting of anyone. There is a deeply spiritual side of him too that goes beyond his exterior. He's probably the most spiritual of Ydoc's friends.

Extra Note: GrimJim is also highly adaptable to video games." cool beans. If he ever sees this "Hi!" ^_^ *wavies* lol O_o. Anyways. on with the quizzes....

your ideal mate is Legolas!

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?
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i'm in gryffindor! huh, most of the time I am hufflepuff O_o I love all the houses though because if I was in eather one I would still be me so that makes it kick ass ^_^ lol how arrogant am I?? :P

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**Jeneral Junk. Morrably Bored**

I drew a piccie of me and Piper getting blasted by the Snowager last night. It's really messed up. But also Lizzy and I came up with the idea for a 25 year-old android kitchen boy who lives in our neohome lol. He is a robo-chia in anthro ^_^ so cute!! and usefull. Kind of like a persacom you say?? no never! *hand over mouth* lol anyways. I am doing ok. About an hour more of hw. Economy!!! *screatching horror knife sound* aaah..

So this leaves me morrably bored. (morbidly and horribly) I have so much grooming and cleaning to do!!

so this list is for me, everyone will be bored by it. especially males I would think. TO DO::
Finish hw, Take a shower, Pedicure and Manicure ((self done of course lol who would spend money on that?? O_o)), Do hair ((brush, sprays and gell stuff...............)), Put clean cloths on..New black pants and new shirt from express, omg I don't even have a black bra that's not underwire O_O that is soooo evil I will have to remidy this asap!! but for now I can wear the purple/tan one with black or paisley underwear. too bad the beatlejuice undies are in the wash :P and fuzzy slippers, or flip flops if manicure is done.. if not brown sandles closed-toe. , Brush teeth, no makeup today thanks, REALLY finish the hw now, Do the laundry:: pe cloths, closet pile and try to put away the art projects!! at least the big stack by the cd shelves., tv guide:: is the charmed premiere tonight?? I think so ^_^ It said so yestarday! very awesome., eat the tofu2go from the kitchen that mom put out, put away the dishes from your room, Nap time!! read something Good!! ^_^, check online to see if 8th chobits novel is out in english yet, play on lea's computer for a while till charmed ((harry potter and the chamber of secrets/online/downloading:: see if you can download any anime?? chobits maybe? <=that would rock!! ^_^' or maybe inuyasha?)), Daddy's coming home tonight!! ^_^, Tell mommy to call Lizzy's house to talk to Judith about trip to Davis, Call Laura during Charmed to gossip about Leo and the new season and how cool Angel is going to be.., Try to go to bed at a reasonable hour, Check homestar for a new sb email in the morning!! ^_^

*whew* lots to do. :P


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Saturday, September 27, 2003
I am Sick (+)_(X) *blah*

This sucks! It's the weekend and I want to see Laura and Lizzy but I am sick. Slight congestion, stuffy nose, headachey, tired, the whole bit. So evil. I really need to have the energy to do hw and study this weekend as well, I want to find some PIRATE BOOTS!!! For my halloween costume you see, but halloween is practically ruined by SAT's anyways XP so evil. Anyways I have a lot to do, give you updates later. This past week was super stressed out though, I think that's why I got so sick. Dumb tests. I have one on monday as well.. that will be interesting. I will have to study really hard even though I am sick and buisy with tons of other stuff :P I missed special-o last night too. I was really tired, totally zonked out at 8 which is the most unlike me anything could ever get, And I woak up at two in the morning, there was no anime on, but I did wake up my mom and the dog :P went back to bed till 10. This day is so gone!! >_< wonder if lizzy is online? who knows. anyways. nother quiz. I found the pword for my deviant art account again. lol don't know how I never memorized it but perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to log off lol.


You Should Be With a Water Sign!

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Wow. cool, laura's a water sign too ^_^ (((best friend lol. What sign is Lizzy I wonder?? January.. I will look it up)))

Isn't the Charmed Season Premere on tonight??? O_o I don't even know! how sad. I will have to look that up too lol.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003
more quizzie results

I am taking after Danielle!! ~_~ lol anyways who gives a damn? (not like anyone reads this anyway) I can practically threaghten to run round naked on a highway here on a specific date and time and no one would show lol which is good. because I would never. Anyways.

Are you NASTY or NICE?

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
more music ^_^

Just downloaded The Spirit Within from the Final Fanitsy movie soundrack ^_^ ::
It's from this site. (what language is that O_o ??) In case you can't read the language, it's the first download on the list :D

Just got back from Lizzy's recital though! It was so fun ~_~ she did a really really good job so if she posts again you should all say that she is cool and played well and is pretty ^_^' lol anyways I LOVE LAURA just so she dosn't feel left out because she didn't come to the recital and she's my closer-than-sisters friend, even though I am best friends with Lizzy too of course. But it's complicated. Laura is snuggly and deserves Kisses and Hugs !! (((the chocolate kind and the edible kind O_o ..wait. I think I messed that up. OH WELL ^_^))).
Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie, lie lie Lie, Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie l'l'l'l'Lie! song by simon and garfunkle. The Boxer is it called? anyways it's the one lizzy sang ^_^. <=this smiley has a mole! what a novelty. (((Is there a word like noveltous to describe something of novelty?? just to point out that it has it? because in that last sentance I sure could have used it))) And the cow jumped over the moon. And the raccoon attacked. lol sorry had to add that last part for no apparent reason other than I came up with it and it makes me giggle *tee he he* *BIZARAMUNDO DANCE OF THE NON-SPELLERS.. UNITE!!!*

had to get that out. N'eways it's time for hw and studying for my two big tests. and listen to my new song !! ^_^

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Thursday already??

MY GOD. Everything happens tomorrow. I find my grade in Math on this last (rather hard to grasp) Test. It was today and I think I did ok *cocks head* In other news I have TESTS tomorrow. which means work to turn in by the tests :P five worksheets and a lot of makup bookwork, at least it will help me study. TONIGHT is Lizzy's recital!! *head bang* lol it is going to be So Good!! (in Ugly One voice) I also think that maybe I will ACUTALLY hear her SING>??? Is this true lizzy? O_o will she sing for real or sing as well as she would if it was only her mom? I want to hear her sing for real! >_<
Enough of the crap. I am not reffering to lizzy of course! but to the economy and other things that will potentially get in my way. Anyways tomorrow Is when it all comes to a head and we shall see if I will be able to bring my grades up in Econ and Latin. AND not let anyone down. (my friends and family or my teachers) :P

Food is the answer. I will eat myself through senior year lol. I will be so fat I will resemble a sphere of flesh than anything else, roll out of cars, keep my cell phone in my torso like pompom. lots of lard ass fun ^_~
Anyways homework and Mumpfing time.

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